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Our Ambassador Program






Thank you for your ongoing support and your interest in joining our Infinity Strap™ Ambassador Team!  It's simple. Promote our products when and how you want.

Give 10% discount to friends through social media promotion. Earn 15% of every order (not including shipping and tax) from our website. You design your own promotional code.  You are featured on our Ambassador page on our website, and how people can connect with you,  as well as occasional social media shout outs from us. Ambassadors receive 1 strap and 1 block  ( if requested) and 20% off our website, as long as you are active in the program. Ambassadors have priority to do giveaways and promotional prizes, please arrange at least 1 month prior. 

Ambassador earnings are distributed every 6 months or if you reach $50 or more. Please let us know below how you would like to receive payment.

You have the right to be as genuine and sincere in your posts and recommendations. You have the right to choose where and who to share your discount with. You choose how frequently you want to share. At your request, we will send you a screenshot of how many times people used your code, or let you know regions or countries your orders are coming from. You can leave or terminate your Ambassador obligations at any time. 

Promotional items are prohibited for resale.  Please use @infinitystrap #infinitystrap #yogaBRIK and tag us when you share.   Please do not use other strap and block brand names in the same context alongside our products and Infinity Strap™ brand. Please do not alter the design or branding of our product. Should you choose not to promote our products for more than a year, your Ambassadorship will be offered to someone else. Re-applying to the program is possible after that time.

If this program sounds good to you, please fill out the form below with all the necessary information and submit. Further inquiries go to

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