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Instagram Yoga Challenge and Event Donation Agreement 

Please read our terms carefully. We do not automatically send products to hosts of challenges or events without a signed request.



We, Infinity Strap, agree to donate 1 strap per host to Instagram Yoga Challenge or 1 straps + DVDs and/or ebook vouchers  for a particular event.  This  means we send items to the 1-2 hosts in a yoga challenge who are most likely to use props. We do not donate Infinity Straps to hosts who already have an Infinity Strap from previous challenges/events.  We offer 20% Host discount BREATHE20 to all hosts if they want to purchase additional products from our website. Please do not give this discount to your friends and viewers, this is for HOSTS and EVENT coordinators only.  

Disclaimer :  some donations for hosts may have minor or superficial flaws that do not affect the integrity or function of the Infinity Strap™.

Our BRIKs are extremely limited. We are currently unable to gift BRIKs to hosts or winners of yoga challenges. You may purchase BRIKs (using the HOST discount). If at the end of the challenge, you do not want the BRIKs, please return for a full refund, including shipping. Please email to arrange.


We donate one strap per winner. Occasionally, if winner already has an Infinity Strap, we gift towel, poster, shirt or DVD or store credit.

DOMESTIC WINNER (USA, Canada or APO addresses)  fill out this form  to claim EITHER STRETCH or COTTON Infinity Strap. Colors choices may be limited.

INTERNATIONAL WINNER  receive a promo code (a variation of name of the challenge ) to pay only discounted shipping to claim their gift. This means that they order through our website for the one STRETCH strap, use the code at the checkout to claim their FREE Infinity Strap. This code is not intended to use toward other merchandise or bundles, but I can arrange if desired. International shipping costs are currently reduced to $9-$15 (We pay the rest.) If international shipments are lost or returned, we will pay to re-ship to a different address as a 1 time courtesy.)

***Please arrange with if you would like the Challenge or Event to benefit a cause.  These are some events and organizations that we have donated to through sales or door prizes


We ship products up to 1-2 weeks before the challenge begins. If hosts would like to make promotional shots prior to 2 weeks before the challenge, please list in the shipping notes. All requests must be submitted prior to 2-3 weeks before the first day of challenge/event to allow for time to process and ship. We are unable to reasonably fulfill donation requests that are made within a week prior the start of the challenge, especially international shipments.

All hosts who receive our products must agree to model or use our products -- at least once before and/or during the duration of the challenge, as long as it makes sense and natural to the posture or  to the theme of the challenge. If possible, please send photos to We agree to promote your challenge through re-posting the challenge ad through STORIES and one of the hosts images using our products either during, before or after the challenge-- as long as it is decently composed and medium to high-quality. All social media and flyers for challenges/events should have our name brand and/or logo.

Please use #infinitystrap or #yogaBRIK where applicable. Please tag us in the photo and caption @infnitystrap. 

We kindly ask that you do not promote or use other strap or yoga block brands as co-sponsors or in conjunction with Infinity Strap in the event or yoga challenge. Other props ok to highlight with our props.

We expect that the winner will be sent the proper WINNER instructions. Host will email Link for DOMESTIC winners OR send the FREE GIFT code for International winners.

We are likely to withdraw our sponsorship under the following conditions.

The dates, theme/hashtag and hosts of challenge or event planned are changed without us knowing.

Hosts who signed the agreement, received our complimentary products  decide not share about our products on social media at

least once before or during the challenge/event. All unused promotional products should be returned or gifted to winner.  

Infinity Strap™ is copyrighted and patented. Promotional products are prohibited for rebranding, modification or resale.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and interest in collaborating with us!

 Agreement to Terms and Donation Request

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By signing below, you are agreeing to the terms of agreement. Please sign your e-signature with the forward slashes.
If you are still unsure of the Size Guide, please describe your outer shoulder width and overall flexibility and we can choose one for you. Color availability is limited.
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Shipping Address
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Phone (For International Carriers)
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Small COTTON on the top and small STRETCH on the bottom. Figure is of 15 inch outer shoulder width.

Small COTTON on the top and small STRETCH on the bottom. Figure is of 15 inch outer shoulder width.