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Scholarship Awardee and Yoga Institute Agreement 2019

Congratulations for your selection as the most deserved aspiring yoga teacher of 2019. We, Infinity Strap, hereby agree to grant $500 to the Simone Adderly, to assist with Tuition Costs of Yoga Teacher Training at YIA Yoga International, Panama, Fall 2019. Please read and acknowledge, the following stipulations before or by July 30th, 2019, as that is when the award check will be mailed.

Stipulations for the Scholarship Award are as follows

  1. The Student must be enrolled and attend the teacher training, this fall session, Nov 11- Dec 6 2019, as mentioned in the Scholarship application.

  2. The Institute must accept the student’s enrollment and attendance, ie, before the available openings fill.

  3. If after July 30th, The Institute cancels this specific teacher training session or if there are less or no available positions for enrollment, the Insitute must contact the student and Infinity Strap.

  4. If after July 30th, any conditions arise that hinder the student from attending this specific teacher training dates, including injury, illness, family emergency, etc, Student must immediately contact the Institute and Infinity Strap.

  5. If after July 30th, she or he decides to atttend YTT at a different school or same Institute different dates, Student must immediately contact the Institute and Infinity Strap.

  6. If after July 30th, Student decides NOT to or is unable to attend this Institute at this time, the Institute agrees to refund the $500 grant back to Infinity Strap.

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