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Our Teacher Program

Thank you for  joining our Teacher Program. This program is designed for yoga teachers, who have a minimum of 200 RYT, who love to use our products while giving tips and teaching  on ground classes and workshops, as well as teaching online platforms, including social media.


Be featured on our Teacher Program page on our website, as well as our social media and email.

Receive 2 samples of straps, 2 BRIKS, PLUS 20% off all of our products, including studio packages (8 or 16 straps, 10 BRIKs). 

Earn 15% when friends use your discount code. We distribute these earnings every 6 months or when you reach $50.

If you are hosting retreats or non-profit events, we will donate one strap + DVD bundle as well as vouchers for free e-books as  giveaways.

Option #1. If you would like to host a workshop using our props, we pay $100 stipend directly to the teacher. The design, level, targeted skills/postures, audience of the workshop is entirely up to the teacher.  The cost of the workshop could be free for teachers, or it could include  a strap from the studio or not.   In addition, we share and promote all details of your workshop via our social media and email.

Option #2: Earn 10% percentage on all first time whole sale references for studios or boutiques (15% for 3, 20% for 4 and 25% for 5+ per month). A link with your name will be created so we can keep track of those wholesale orders. We pay wholesale earnings at the end of the month.

Bottom line10% of ALL referred sales will go directly to our YTT scholarship fund for aspiring teachers in need.  You will receive updates periodically how your earnings are doing, how the fund is doing, etc. 


This program does not expire, however, if teacher is not participating in program, not promoting pour products or company name,  and has no active references (individual or wholesale) for an entire year, the teacher will not be able to participate the next year.

Teachers may include the large, conventional straps or other props in their teaching, but may not promote their branding alongside our branding in the same context.

The resale of any promotional Infinity Strap™ products is prohibited.

If these benefits and terms are agreaable, please sign below in acknowledgement. If you have any questions or comments  about your status, the fund, or anything else regarding this program, please direct to

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