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 How to Join a Yoga Challenge on Instagram

Yoga Challenges are a great way to become involved and stay connected in the yoga community. Instagram is a great platform for exploring asana and for sharing experiences and encouragement with practitioners from all over the world.

What you need : Apps (Instagram, Repost App), a public profile on Instagram, Camera with Timer (OR tripod or table to set camera down), Space and Time to do the Yoga Postures

Pick a Challenge Find a challenge with poses or theme that resonate with you. Don’t be discouraged by tricky or difficult postures, as most hosts will offer modifications or options for those poses.

Camera Timer  Use a timer - either on your phone or there are free camera timer apps. You can also take a screen shot of a video, but it is sometimes not good quality.

Share Photos on Your Own Schedule If necessary, capture more than one pose at a time and then just upload them on their designated days. Don't worry if you're off schedule.

Challenge Rules Usually, the rules are to follow sponsors and hosts. Tag hosts and sponsors every time you post your image. Use the the designated Hashtag (s).

Engagement Positive encouragement, growth and connections are some of the rewards of participating in a challenge. Just have fun!