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Customer Reviews

I purchases a set of 8 straps with a poster. The poster was not included. I contacted customer service and was issued a poster with no questions asked.
I left the straps in a box all summer-long story. When I got them out I realized I had ordered the wrong sizes. I requested to return the unused straps and exchange them for others. I was told that if I returned them in the original packaging, unused, they would be happy to exchange the products for the correct sizes. Within days I had the new straps in my possession.
I was amazed with the customer service. And, of course, we all know the quality of the product. Thank you for being an honest and caring company looking out for the little guy!
— Shauna B., Texas
I started practicing Bikram yoga about 9 years ago, when I was 325 lbs. Yoga was about the only exercise I could get through. Yoga literally saved my life. I lost 100lbs over the first 6 years and then moved into a flow practice. I struggled in this because I still didn’t have the range of motion most practitioners had. I couldn’t get into binds. I couldn’t reach my feet for dancer’s pose or bow. When you can’t get into the pose fully, it is frustrating. I remember trying to use a regular yoga strap about 3 years ago. I smacked myself in the face with the buckle I don’t know how many times! The joint pain in my hands was worsened by trying to grab and hold onto the strap, and my feet hurt from the regular strap tightening it’s grip around the ball of my feet. I ordered my Infinity Strap a few years ago and I have never used another strap since! I love how I can hold it around the back of my wrist instead of taking the brunt of the pressure in my hand. My postures are deeper. I can finally get into binds, which gives me the confidence to go deeper in my practice. It’s definitely been a game changer for my practice. Keep doing what you guys do... it’s transformative like you don’t even know.
— Stacy Y., RYT 200
I got this because it looked like a great tool to help deepen my yoga practice. So far I love it! I can’t wait to see the progress I make with it. I am 8 months pregnant and it made legs up the wall completely heavenly...third trimester backache defeated!
— Emily W.
I’m loving the infinity strap! I just started getting back into yoga, and this is definitely helping me in my practice. I never thought I’d get close to King Pigeon, but the Infinity Strap is helping with my form and the stretch. King Pigeon will. be. mine.
— Crissy W.
I currently have two of the Infinity Straps. They are an incredible addition to my yoga practice. They help me see just how much distance there is in certain posture. They are also great to use around the biceps or forearms in plank. I’ve also found placing a strap just above each knee to be extremely helping in creating internal rotation in postures such as camel, bridge, and wheel. I am constantly encouraging my yoga friends to pick up an Infinity Strap if they have the money for one.
— Stephanie B.
I am in love with my Infinity Straps (I bought one original and one stretchy). It is very easy to adjust around your arms, legs, feet (basically anywhere you need it) to help you stabilize your body, get into a pose or get a little bit deeper into it. The fact that your don’t have extra strap or buckles lying around is a huge step-up from traditional yoga straps. Love it!
— Nilka R.
Must have - really make a difference in forward folds! And dancer’s pose !
— Leslie J.
Love it for tuck jumps, handstands but order smaller than you think. I have wide (woman) shoulders at 5’7” and I use a small (Stretch)
— Lucy W.
I held off buying this product, because I already had a yoga strap and I didn’t see why I needed both. Eventually, when I was really working on forearm stand in my home yoga practice, I purchased this to help me keep my elbows hugged in. It was so much easier than dealing with the strap that often wiggles loose in the metal d rings. I still use it for forearm stands and now I am using it to work on king pigeon. As a certified yoga teacher, this is one prop that I can’t recommend enough for intermediate to advanced yogis.
— Olivia W.
I’ve not tried this yet in class, but used it at home a bit and I can tell it’s going to be very useful. I chose the large size based off the ordering guide, and it’s perfect for my 5’10”, long-legged frame. When it’s not stretched, it’s a good length for arms-behind-the-back poses. Stretched out, I can hook it over my feet for seated forward folds. The best part - no adjusting a traditional strap in between poses!

Update 6/24/15: I’ve had this for some time now, and I love it! It’s been useful not only for practice, but also for physical therapy exercises. My shoulders are a work in process and currently don’t rotate as they should, so moving through a typical vinyasa class can be a struggle for me. There’s not always time for me to mess with a strap - by the time I get the thing unrolled and adjusted for the pose, everyone else is on to the next position. This has really improved my ability to “flow,” because all I need to do is it pick it up when I need it. I also like the fact that I don’t need to roll it up after class - I just pop it into my bag with my mat, and off I go. It’s holding up well - I’ve not had any issues with it at all. It stretches when pulled, doesn’t stretch too much when I don’t need it to, and springs back easily. I highly recommend it.
— Sara G.
My yoga instructor had a stretch one and the original one during a yoga class and recommended that I get one as it would help me get deeper into some stretches and also helps support and stabilize my elbows during some arm balances. The strap is made of a high quality very comfortable elastic material with no hardware. Highly recommend this over a yoga strap and I will be getting more!
— Lilogirl
This is the best yoga prop ever for shoulder openers. I have a hard time keeping my hands together behind my back for most of the normal yoga shoulder stretches. This is the ticket. It’s got plenty of other applications as well. Love. I bought 2 different sizes.
— Kim R.
I LOVE my Infinity Strap!!! I ordered the stretch version and it is helping me so much to get deeper into yoga poses like King Pigeon and King Dancer. Please do yourself a favor and invest in one of these, you will not be sorry! I was getting so frustrated with my clunky yoga strap and I am so glad I switched to the Infinity Strap!
— Katie W.
Giving it 5 stars just because there is nothing higher then that - otherwise it’s 10/10 ! Absolutely loving this amazing tool for the practice ! What an easy but such effective tool in any practice - whether you are a beginner and looking to work on your flexibility - or you are an experienced practitioner looking to deepen your practice ! So effective , so comfortable so easy to use ! Absolutely in love with it :) Ended up purchasing another 4 to gift it to all my yogi friends - and they all loving it ! Super purchase and so affordable
— LovetoShop
I didn’t realize that I had ordered the stretchy band and I am beyond happy that I did. There is just enough pull to get into a pose and it leaves adjustment for myself to do (pulling or releasing of a pose for my comfort). I am very happy with my purchase!
— Katja
This was exactly what I was looking for. I am new to yoga and can’t do every pose. This is very helpful and the material is tough.
— E. Young
The perfect thing to help me ease into certain poses as a beginner yogi. Great quality, super sturdy, and with just enough stretch. I find I like this a lot better than traditional yoga straps. Sometimes using a regular strap can disrupt the flow of my practice, and using this Infinity Strap allows for a smoother transition.
— Kimberly B.
Love this!! Im new to mat yoga, and a 100% disabled vet! This strap has helped me so much to achieve poses I never thought I could get into! The straps at my yoga studio are long with that buckle on the end, you know what Im talking about, but having my own strap takes off a lot of anxiety trying to get the studio strap the correct length!
— Julie K.
I wasn’t even able to comprehend the concept of flipping your grip until I found this product. I was able to do just that on my first use, by accident even! This design is great for helping you create space for magic in your practice, worth a shot!
— Brandon R
I’m heavy! 250 pounds and I will let all of my leg weight drop into this strap, and while you can see signs of obvious wear, the band has not lost it’s original shape, size, stretch. I’m very impressed with the thickness of the band and the stitching at the cross section. it’s holding up well to a lot of pressure. Well done! and it’s made stretches that were so hard to hold, So much easier which is encouraging for someone beginning yoga with a lot of flexibility to work on. I will be buying another!!
— Laura L.
This is a great yoga strap after my shoulder surgery because it “gives”.
— i buy everything online