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Infinity Strap Product Sample Agreement

Thank you for your interest in our products.  Please read the following terms of agreement for product samples.


We, Infinity Strap, agree to give 1- 2 Infinity Straps and or 1 BRIK per studio or boutique for the purposes of developing a wholesale buyer relationship.  This includes all three types of Straps : COTTON, STRETCH and BAMBOO.  We ship sample products from 1-3 business days of the date of the agreement submission. If you have any questions or concerns about your sample request, please email or call 323-834-9782 M-F, 9-1pm, PST.


We agree to allow the studio/boutique up to 2 weeks to test our products in exchange for credit card information.  There will be no charges incurred within the 2 week period. Within that time period, the studio/boutique will either create a wholesale order OR request a prepaid shipping label to return the samples.

If the studio/boutique decides to create a wholesale order,  you may apply the acquired samples (at wholesale value) toward the whole sale purchase.

It is the responsibility of the studio to contact us to let us know if they are interested in creating a wholesale order or request the pre-paid shipping label.

If we do not hear anything from the studio/boutique during or after the 2 week trial period, the studio will be charged for the retail value + Shipping of the acquired samples. 

Infinity Strap™ is copyrighted and patented. All samples are prohibited for rebranding, modification or resale.

 Agreement to Terms for Product Samples

By signing below, you are agreeing to the terms of agreement. Please sign your e-signature with the forward slashes.
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Please take a look at the Size Guide to help decide what types of Straps you would like to try. Color availability is limited.
Shipping Address *
Shipping Address
Phone (For International Carriers)
Phone (For International Carriers)
We've had a few items lost or returned, so we highly recommend for International Carriers.
Should you decide to return the items before the 2 week trial period is up, you may request a prepaid shipping label and your credit card will not be charged. If after 2 weeks, you decide to keep the samples and not create a wholesale order, the credit card provided will be charged for the items at retail value.
Exp Date *
Exp Date
Small COTTON on the top and small STRETCH on the bottom. Figure is of 15 inch outer shoulder width.

Small COTTON on the top and small STRETCH on the bottom. Figure is of 15 inch outer shoulder width.